Custom Pews

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Upholstered and Unupholstered All-Wood Pews


Our Pews are designed to meet your requirements. They are made of all-wood (not particle board) and can be upholstered or fitted with loose Pew Cushions.
The photos below exemplify our work.


First Baptist Church, Ocala, Florida


Two miles of pews in Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC


You can choose from a wide selection of Pew Backs and Ends, along with a variety of Accessory Racks, Kneelers, and Finishes.


Click here to see a small sampling of available Pew Ends.


We have a large selection of fabric styles to choose from, including those found on the following web sites:
If you are also in the market for Chancel Furniture to match or compliment your Pews, please see that page on our site.