Christian Crosses

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Crosses that Symbolize your Faith


We have wall or roof mounted crosses—made of Wood, Metal, or Fiberglass—for the internal or exterior area of your worship space.  They come in standard styles and sizes or can be custom made to meet your design requirements.   
The cross below is finished with “Copper Coate,” a copper-rich resin material that is applied in mold and, unlike raw copper, will maintain its original appearance—whether that is gloss or patina.




Roof Mounted Crosses can also be created of Structural Aluminum and mounted on steel bases.  The aluminum is coated with a polymer resin that is similar in chemical composition to fiberglass gel coat.



Wall Mounted Crosses can be backlit for added effect.



For other roof-mounted Fiberglass Products that will enhance the appearance of your building, please visit our Steeples, Cupolas, and Domes page.