Steeples, Cupolas, Domes and Towers

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Fiberglass Steeples, Cupolas, Domes, Towers, and More

Steeples, Cupolas, and Domes add a traditional element of design to your Church, Bank, Office Building, or Shopping Center.  Our units are created out of Fiberglass and Coated so you never have to worry about cracking or peeling as with painted surfaces.  All Architectural Units are reviewed and certified by an independent third party engineering firm to withstand wind speeds up to 120 mph.


See our supplier's Product Guide for detailed information about the construction and installation of our Fiberglass Steeples, Cupolas, Domes and Towers.


For more information about the benefits and possibilities of the fiberglass we offer, please click Fiberglass from CFBS, Inc. 


Market Common, Myrtle Beach                             “Copper Coate” Patina Finish


              First Baptist Church, Ocala, Florida                       Staten Island Cell Tower Enclosure  

Improve your Steeple, Dome, or Cupola aesthetics by adding any of our optional accessories:
  • A large base added to the bottom of your creation gives height and adds to the visual impact.
  • Spire Crosses are designed to be added to the top of steeples and can be ordered with or without lightning protection.
  • Decorative Urns, Window Treatments, and Railings add an element of tradition as well as sophistication to many types of units.