Steeple Servicing

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Full Steeple, Cupola, and Dome Service


We are prepared to install the Steeples, Cupolas, and Domes that we sell.  And to make sure that they continue to look and perform well through the years, we offer a cleaning and waxing service that will make that possible.


Installation: Over 45 years of installation experience qualifies us to install any size Fiberglass Steeple, Dome, or Cupola.  After the unit is unloaded and inspected, we assemble all pieces, lift it onto the building, and secure it in place.  If it is necessary to dismantle and remove an old, leaking wood or metal unit first, we can do that also.


For more information on our company's Fiberglass Products and Service, please visit our dedicated Fiberglass Architectural Products website.

High Point University, High Point, NC


Fort Stewart Military Base, Hinesville, GA

Amberly Clubhouse, Raleigh, NC

First Baptist, Columbia, SC