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Church Furniture and Building Suppliers was established in 1972 as a business that would help churches construct and furnish their facilities with quality products. 

Since that time, we have worked closely with thousands of congregations to renovate, restore, design new spaces, and supply both interior and exterior needs with products ranging from Platform Furniture, Pews, Baptisteries, and Carpeting to larger structural features such as Stained Glass Windows, Steeples, Cupolas, Domes, and Exterior Columns. 

In recent years we have followed the trend of the times by adding Theater Seats and Stackable Chairs to our product assortment, and we have expanded our line of building supplies to include Dimensional Stone and other construction and design elements that will be of special interest to architects and builders.

Gale Graf has owned and operated CFBS since 1985.  He has an MBA from Indiana University and has been involved in one way or another with the construction and building supply business most of his life.  
He is assisted and supported by an office and sales staff that is committed to serving customers with the Christian ethic of "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you."  
He can be reached by emailing dggraf@cfbsinc.com or sending mail to CFBS, INC., PO Box 5586, Anderson, SC, 29623. 
The company's central location is 4532 Liberty Highway, Anderson, SC, 29621; but all mail is received through the post office box.  
The phone numbers are 800-242-2327 and 864-261-6078. The fax number is 864-261-2189.



And please read our environmental statement for further information about our company.


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