Reupholstering Pews

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Pew Reupholstery and Loose Pew Cushions


We can help you extend the life of your Pews with our Reupholstery Service.  You choose from a wide selection of fabrics, and our craftsmen do the rest.




See the following sites to sample the fabric styles that are available from our suppliers:

We also offer Loose Pew Cushions for new or preexisting Pews.  These cushions are made of 2.7 density foam and configured to fit precisely.  They are covered with the same durable fabrics that we use for reupholstery, and these fabrics are protected with Scotchguard. 

If you would like to try getting rid of wax spots or stains on your Upholstered Pews before deciding to reupholster or replace cushions, please see our Tips for Removing Spots and Stains for the methods we recommend.